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Core Messaging Interview

Core Messaging - Why Should I Care?

David Sahd was recently a guest on Let's Talk Business New Mexico which is hosted by Pulakos CPAs on News Radio 770 KOB AM in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  David sat down with Brad Steward and discussed various examples of core messaging by companies in the state and across the nation.  They also reviewed components of effective messages and how they are structured.  Listen to the archived audio file here.

Surfin’ for Research

Gaining information about your market and industry is central to developing and updating strategies for all aspects of marketing.  Research needs to be both comprehensive and ongoing if a company is going to stay on the cutting edge of cultural, sociological, economic and technological trends.

Good Marketing Assists Sales Initiatives

There is no substitute for talented and motivated representatives when it comes to success in generating sales for your business.  However, any owner or manager who has attempted to develop an effective sales staff knows that finding such individuals can be difficult and that retaining a successful team can be even tougher.

Basic Messaging - Merely a Pitch?

The first question I ask new clients is “What do you do?”  It is a common question that any business owner or employee is apt to be asked in a variety of situations.  I want to know if a concise and clear response can be delivered with minimal hesitation because when it can be, it reflects a company that has a clear understanding of its basic message.



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Cedar Marketing Group, Inc. PDF Print E-mail

Cedar Marketing Group, Inc. was started in 1991 by David Sahd as a marketing firm providing business consulting and contract sales services.  In 1997 the company began focusing on marketing consulting and to this day specializes in analysis, implementation and market messaging for medium and large businesses.

In 2001 ancillary business operations were spun-off to Pinon Marketing Group, Inc. which provides marketing agency services to small businesses and operates an online retail division.  Sahd is vice president and a 50% shareholder in that company.

Cedar Marketing Group, Inc. has consulted for businesses in all types of industries but specializes in business-to-business operations.  Analysis and implementation projects have helped companies develop new lines, invigorate existing products and services, establish distribution channels, prepare for mergers and acquisitions, and improve efficiencies and profitability.

Analysis is conducted by Sahd who oversees strategies and projects that are implemented by a team of specialists according to the solutions needed.  Sahd ensures that projects are delivered upon according to expectations derived from his analysis and recommendations.  He also personally provides a proprietary market messaging service that has helped businesses of all types attain greater focus on and communication of their value propositions.

Through Cedar Marketing Group, Inc. Sahd also provides ongoing marketing advice and consultation.  He has served on the boards of several companies that have relied upon his counsel on marketing issues from a business owner's perspective.

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